Brandy Old Fashioned Candle in Wisconsin Supper Club Glass

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22.00 Ounces

13 oz. Brandy Old Fashioned candle poured in a Supper Club Glass designed by Flags of Over Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Candle Company is located in the beautiful & unique Waunakee, Wisconsin.


About Wisconsin Candle Company Candles:

100% soy wax with no additives. No dyes or uv additives ever in the  process. 

Wicks are made with a compressed flat braided cotton core that is wrapped in paper.  

All the oils are sourced from manufacturers  that use no parabens or phthalates.  They are also what are called "natural fragrance oils" which basically means they are made from isolates or the  the natural aromatic components of the complex scent rather than synthetic chemicals.  Candles cannot safely be made with essential oils.  

Packaging - all of our packaging and our containers are reusable or recyclable.